Expect certainty. Enjoy the results.
At every step of your project, our team listens to you. We are committed to achieving the results you need and expect.

Exceptional people

Adhawk promises truly creative talent, technological excellence and genuinely nice people, but it doesn’t end there. We really do enjoy working with you and value our clients’ contribution to projects.

Measure twice, cut once

Strategy is the foundation of marketing and communications. At Adhawk, creative work is informed by a disciplined process of definition, analysis, consultation, strategic and tactical planning, creative development, and evaluation. Expect us to ask questions and have a plan. We believe you are the expert on your own organization or business. You know your people, your programs, your products and your market. We’re here to listen, learn and interpret.

No surprises

Everyone likes a nice surprise but off-course projects are never nice. Design or branding projects are exciting explorations for your team and ours. However Adhawk will be tough in keeping the process focused and on track. We’ll work to understand your goals and objectives before adding any magic. Expect us to clarify the scope of work, work to your creative brief, confirm costs as the project progresses, and provide clear estimates and invoices.

Safety net

Managing projects for success

With close to three decades experience delivering creative projects on deadline, Adhawk has developed solid systems for production control, and cost and risk management. Expect us to have a backup plan—or two—particularly on deadline-driven projects like annual reports or advertising campaigns.

Rigorous quality management

Accuracy and timeliness are minimum standards for success. Expect us to exceed your expectations with thorough tracking, verification and quality checking from project launch to final delivery. We’re fussy—and we think you might be too.

Make it a conversation

Communication paves the way to performance. Expect clear, frequent and regular reporting on how the project is progressing. We are available by phone from 8:30 to 5:00 EST and by mobile for emergencies after hours. Or feel free to drop in and chat when you’re in the neighbourhood. Please contact us to start that conversation.