Britannia Yacht Club Known as “your cottage in the city” BYC is a longstanding Ottawa country club that attracts and retains its members with a menu of fine food, tennis, sailing, fresh air and river sunsets.

BYC website and promos: Adhawk has been supporting the BYC board and management with their ongoing campaign to consolidate and expand the club’s membership. In partnership with the executive director, we provide both design and programming support to the club’s volunteer public relations and web committees.

Communications consulting, editing, writing, design, programming. Media: print and web
Red Pine Outdoor Equipment Entrepreneurial and environmental, Bob Bowins’ Red Pine Outdoor is a highly successful Ottawa wholesaler to outfitting companies.

Red Pine website and catalogue: Since 1995, Adhawk has supported Red Pine’s growth in the North American market. Bob is an excellent client and his products are all about fun. The partnership has yielded a harvest of dynamic print and digital design, product brands, good times and the occasional deal on bear bells.

Publication, web and product brand design, editing, programming, content management system. Media: print and web
RiverSides Adhawk assisted this Toronto-based environmental nonprofit to take Five Things You Can Do for Your River to a new level and international recognition.

Five Things You Can Do for Your River: Five Things is a community-based social marketing program to reduce toxic runoff (nonpoint source pollution) from urban properties into streams, rivers and lakes. Adhawk assisted in developing program strategy and created all Five Things marketing materials. The program has been rolled out in Toronto, Ottawa and Pittsburgh, among others, and is now a successful franchise. The RiverSides Carwash campaign was a Five Things spin-off that lobbied for and won changes to Toronto’s Sewers By-law.

Communications consulting, writing, web design, production management. Media: print, exhibit, digital presentations and web
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Red Pine is a trekking and outdoor equipment wholesaler with an environmental commitment.

Pro bono ads: Red Pine CPAWS ads: Every year, Red Pine produces an equipment catalogue that is distributed throughout North America to outdoor retailers. And every year, Red Pine President Bob Bowins sets aside the back outside cover for a free advertisement for CPAWS designed by Adhawk Communications.

Concept, design, copywriting. Media: print
Public Health Ontario The Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC—inaugurated in 2011) advances public health in Ontario by sharing new knowledge and educational workshops that build and refine practical skills.

The Ontario Public Health Convention: When Public Health Ontario’s event coordinator first contacted Adhawk, the deadline for PHO’s first convention was uncomfortably close. Together we developed a panoply of event assets—from exhibits and banner stands, to signage, programmes, advertising and swag. Adhawk updated the materials to incorporate PHO’s new identity in 2012.

Design, print and promotions procurement management. Media: print, exhibit, web and promotional swag
Parliamentary Precinct Bureau

Wellington Panels: PPB commissioned Adhawk to create a streetscape exhibit for the Wellington Building reconstruction. During the restoration of this 1927 building, street-level commercial space will be empty. Adhawk’s design fills empty retail windows with privacy screening and a series of interpretive panels detailing the building’s history and future use.

East Block/West Block Panels: Up on Parliament Hill proper, two iconic buildings are under restoration: West Block and East Block. Built more than 150 years ago, these Gothic stone buildings are in desperate need of repair and updating. Adhawk created outdoor story panels for mounting on the iron construction fences around each building. Developing the panels for these sensitive sites required extensive editorial and design consultation with stakeholders.

Communications consulting, writing, exhibit design, project management, tendering, manufacturing and installation management. Media: outdoor
Auditing Association of Canada
CurryCorp Inc.
Healthy Lake Huron
DoubleCheck Inspections Inc.
Public Health Ontario/Cancer Care Ontario Chronic diseases account for more deaths than do any other cause. Adhawk wrote and designed this Ontario report recommending policy interventions for prevention of chronic disease.

Taking Action to Prevent Chronic Disease: Recommendations for a Healthier Ontario: This highly visible 2012 report required both academic rigour and plain-language accessibility. Working from approximately 500 pages of expert research, Adhawk wrote a draft report for review by an international symposium of experts, and a final report for final ministerial approval.

Adhawk was wholly responsible for design and production of two reports: the main report (104 pages) (French and English editions) and the accompanying technical appendix (157 pages). Our dynamic design zeroed in on the proposed approach to change: population-level intervention. Adhawk further supported the project with on-demand communications products such as html emails, interim reports, event brochures, promotional gifts and an executive presentation. Despite client delays, Adhawk kept the process on deadline.

Project management, writing, editing, copy-editing, indexing, design, production, accessibility programming. Media: print and web
Cancer Care Ontario Once, Aboriginal Canadians enjoyed lower rates of cancer. However this advantage is melting away—Aboriginal cancer incidence and prevalence are both increasing.

Aboriginal Cancer Strategy II: CCO is responsible for cancer programs in Ontario. This CCO report functions as a strategy document, health status report, briefing paper for non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal decision-makers and health professionals, and as an educational document for the public. Writing and designing a document that works at multiple cultural, educational and experiential levels was an ambitious undertaking. However, working in close association with program leader Alethea Kewayosh and her team, Adhawk did just that.

Our designer combined commissioned original art and photography from Aboriginal sources to tell the story and build a framework for change. The strategy conveys statistical and strategic information in a format that is both accessible and respectful. The result reflects the diversity of Aboriginal communities and at the same time communicates the connectedness of peoples in a common cause.

Project management, writing, editing, art direction, illustration, design, production, accessibility programming, print and digital publication. Media: print, digital presentations and web
Ontario Ministry of the Environment Since 2003, Adhawk has assisted MOE with a range of environmental reports and campaigns addressing such issues as potable water, habitat and air quality.

Minister’s Annual Drinking Water Report: Adhawk was honoured to design Ontario’s first ministerial report on drinking water, as well as the first report from Ontario’s Chief Drinking Water Inspector. The minister’s report set out the legislative and procedural framework for building Ontario’s water safety net, including the many partnerships developed to accomplish this. This first report solicited citizen suggestions for further improvement via web and reply card.

Lake Simcoe Annual Report: MOE commissioned Adhawk to write its second annual report on the Lake Simcoe project. Simcoe is the only lake in Ontario to have an act addressing its sustainability. Adhawk interviewed scientists, NGOs and program staff to write an engaging 8,000-word progress report.

Mining Association of Canada The Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) report documents MAC members’ progress in decreasing emissions and developing better mining practices.

Towards Sustainable Mining Annual Environmental Report: For more than a decade, Adhawk worked with MAC on environmental reporting, beginning with its federal Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics (ARET) reporting requirement. The TSM report compiled emissions data from member companies and highlighted industry progress. Each publication contained more than 100 pages of text and extensive charts and tables, and was produced in French and English. Production typically ran late due to tardy data submissions, and deadlines were nonnegotiable. Adhawk managed the complex production and revision process closely and delivered every issue on deadline.

Project management, art direction, design, technical illustration. Media: print and web
Information Technology Association of Canada Can an annual report work as a year-round brochure? Yes. Inspired by ITAC’s forward-thinking approach, we designed a gatefold kit folder that does just that.

ITAC Annual Review: Yearly, ITAC creates a progress review for its annual meeting. Over the years, this review has taken different forms. In 2012, ITAC needed a document that would double as a promotional membership vehicle. ITAC commissioned Adhawk to solve this problem and we developed a brochure/kit folder with customizable inserts, allowing ITAC to update its review throughout the year. Despite the project beginning months late and having an inflexible deadline, Adhawk delivered on time. We did so by fast-tracking design, closely monitoring scheduling, backstopping busy ITAC staff and managing location photography of featured authors.

Project management, communications consulting, design, copy-editing, procurement. Media: print
Tulips & Maple
Ontario Horticultural Association
City of Ottawa Since Ottawa’s amalgamation of 11 cities in 2000, Adhawk has worked on a range of economic development and smart growth projects.

Economic Development Annual Review: Ottawa’s Economic Development and Strategic Projects Branch commissioned Adhawk to write, design and produce its first annual economic development report. The project content evolved over two years with many stops and starts, but the striking design persisted through every change and stage. The square-format report uses strong colours and imagery to communicate Ottawa’s economic promise and includes original photography by Adhawk designer Lars Doyle. Adhawk assisted with messaging, including the cover slogan. The publication won an Economic Developers Council of Ontario award for excellence.

From 30,000 feet, Ottawa looks like a green city but is it? This report takes a hard look at sustainability policy, programming and outcomes.

Getting Greener: On the Path of Sustainability: This environmental status report details the City’s and its citizens’ progress towards goals established during the Ottawa 20/20 Smart Growth Summit and subsequent Environmental Plan. Adhawk edited and wrote content, and consulted on design and sustainable printing of this bilingual report.

Ecojustice/Sierra Legal Defence Fund Annually, Canadians spread more than five million tonnes of road salts on roads and pavement, flooding our waterways with chlorides and other toxic substances.

Low Salt Diet for Ontario Roads and Rivers: The Joyce Foundation commissioned this RiverSides Stewardship Alliance and Sierra Legal Defence Fund project to prepare an Environmental Bill of Rights request for review of exempting use of road salts from the Ontario Environmental Protection Act. As RiverSides’ agency of record, Adhawk consulted on publication concept and developed a summary, full report, exhibit and posters for public forums.

Project management, communications consulting, design, copy-editing, procurement. Media: print, CD and exhibit
National Orphaned/Abandoned Mines Initiative There are more than 10,000 abandoned mines across Canada; they pose a clear and immediate risk to surrounding lands, waters and inhabitants.

NOAMI Performance Report 2009: NOAMI is a public/private working group founded in 2002 to address the remediation of abandoned mines. Working under the auspices of Natural Resources Canada and the mining industry, NOAMI has been instrumental in brokering legislation to impose responsibility on mining operations and to prioritize remediation of these sites. NOAMI contracted Adhawk to edit and design a report on its last five years’ progress. The project lagged as NOAMI’s environmental consultant struggled to win stakeholder consensus. Deadlines came and passed. Throughout the 12-month process, Adhawk kept the project team on message with multiple designs and drafts, edited the final draft and delivered the French and English publications before the last critical deadline.

“Adhawk’s role in designing, editing and producing this report demonstrated the company’s professionalism, talent, and commitment to exceptional quality.”