Women are up to how many more times likely than men to die from extreme weather events caused by climate change?

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The answer:

Source: UN Women Facts & Figures on Gender & Climate Change

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Decades of working with amazing clients have made us aware of the deep connections between human, economic and environmental outcomes. We are guided in our journey by two fundamental ideas:

Work at the nexus.

Great things happen at the intersection of ideas, people and objectives. But so does risk. On every project Adhawk works proactively with clients to anticipate all the possibilities and create maximum synergy. In every relationship and on every project, we seek ways to serve the greater good. Make some connections.

Go upstream.

Building a bigger sewage treatment plant never solves a source water problem. It just dilutes it. "End-of-pipe" solutions are a sign that we have failed upstream. Whether the issue is social, health, economic or environmental, the smartest solution is more likely found upstream than downstream.

Adhawk applies upstream thinking to social marketing projects and corporate campaigns alike. We know that understanding where you come from and how problems begin is the shortest distance to delivering creative solutions.


Half the Sky

February 19, 2013

Extreme weather set the stage for the UN Climate Change Conference in December 2012. With winds of 260 km/h, Typhoon Bopha was the strongest tropical cyclone to hit the Philippines. Hurricane Sandy in the Americas caused $75 billion in damages and killed 285 people in seven countries. In the face of such climate extremes, is there hope for the future? As a delegate to the Doha conference, I can say—unequivocally—yes there is.  [Read more]

The 23 ½ Hour Solution

January 1, 2013

In 1972, a 30-year-old Canadian was as fit as a 60-year-old Swede. Today, things aren’t much better. In fact, between 1981 and 2009, Canadians slipped downhill. Based on critical measures such as waist circumference, body mass index and body composition (fat vs. lean) Canadian fitness levels have declined significantly.   [Read more]